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At The Dog Spa, we offer professional, high standard and efficient dog training programme and we serve customers throughout Caerphilly and the surrounding areas.

'Proper socialisation and training to obey basic commands are the most important things that dog owners can do to reduce the risk of winding up with a pet with behavioural problems '


THE DOG SPA runs training to suit dogs of all ages and breeds each Sunday.  Our Kennel Club Approved trainers are qualified and experienced in all aspects of agility and obedience training.

Kennel club Good Citizen Dog Class Timetable

9.00 Bronze Award
10.00 Silver Award
11.00. Agility
12.00 gold Award
1.00. Bronze award
2.00. puppy Foundation
3.00. puppy Foundation

We provide the Kennel Club Good Citizen approved classes, this is the largest dog training scheme in the UK.

We only use reward based training starting with the Puppy Foundation course which enables progression to the Kennel club Good Citizen Bronze Silver and Gold awards.

You can discover the fun and satisfaction as you and your dog progress through the classes and have the opportunity to keep fit and play in organised games and participate in the agility class

PUPPY PARTIES. 1.00pm Sunday

During the winter months we also hold puppy parties to enable early socialisation with other puppies, this is held in a safe setting and also gives opportunity to ask for advice from our Behaviourist who supervises the sessions.


Kennel Club Accredited Puppy Training

Puppys attending training programmes must have had all up to date vacinations.

If you live anywhere in Caerphilly or the nearby areas and you would like more information TEL 01495 221204 or complete the contact form below.

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