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The Dog Spa, in Caerphilly offers a spacious comfortable dog grooming facility with a team of friendly experienced stylists.  No matter what the breed or age of your dog, we can create a flattering, practical style that you and your dog will love.

Thanks to the skills and experience held by our stylists we can make any dog look like the Best in Show! Some dogs feel a little anxious whilst getting a trim but fear not – our caring team will help them to feel at ease.

Grooming services available include:

  • Coat trimming and styling
  • Full grooming and pampering packages
  • Eye/beard trimming
  • Ear and anal gland checks
  • Nail clipping
  • Feet and pad care
  • Bath and drying

...and more

The grooming team at The Dog Spa also specialise in hand-stripping.  This technique is used to remove dead hair from dogs' coats and helps to promote healthy hair growth.  The coats of terriers should always be hand stripped rather than cut.

A convenient collection and delivery service is available.  Your dog will be returned to you looking great and feeling refreshed.  Pricing will be given on application and will depend on the size and breed of your dog. We offer all our grooming services at competitive rates.

To make an appointment for your dog spa in Caerphilly, or to enquire about our grooming services, get in touch today.

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