Q. Are you able to groom heavier coated dogs (e.g. German Shepherds and Newfoundlands)?
A. Our styling team is experienced in working with dogs of all breeds and ages. No matter what the breed, we will provide an appropriate cut and treatment for your dog. We're confident you'll both be happy with the finished look!

Q. My dog has special dietary needs. Are you able to accept them for boarding?
A. Of course. Our trained staff will provide balanced meals, suitable to your dog's individual needs. We will also administer any medication required.

Q. How often will my dog require hydrotherapy treatment to receive the full benefit?
A. The frequency of treatment will depend on the condition of your dog and their fitness or recovery goals. A member of our team will provide a tailored plan to suit your dog's individual needs. To learn more, get in touch to arrange your initial consultation.

Q. Is hydrotherapy used solely to treat health and injury problems?
A. No. In fact, it's a great form of exercise and can help any dog maintain and improve their fitness level. Above all, it's great fun!

Q. I love my dog, but they do misbehave more often than I'd like! Can you help?
A. You and your dog may benefit from one of our puppy training or Kennel Club Good Citizen courses. Why not get in touch to book a place?