Missy's story

Missy's owner Sam found her late one night in January unable to move without dragging her hind legs and her back having this alarming 'hump'.  The first photo was taken January 11th 2016.    

Missy is a beautiful miniature Dachshund she has been very successful in the show ring and has the most delightful personality.

Sam was devastated her vet diagnosed a herniated disc, surgery and/or conservative management being the options, some people advised euthanasia.

Sam has some wonderful support in the Showing community they have raised a fund to help with Missy's treatment

Missy started her treatment 1st February, Denise has been giving Missy Physiotherapy and Sam advice on environmental management with her.  Norah has been working with her in the aquatic treadmill, she has had 3 sessions and the outcome is very encouraging.

We are all aware of the fragile nature of the spine in these breeds - that it may always be at risk of herniating again but Missy is not in pain now and is able to mobilise, she is able to go on very short controlled lead walks. She will need further treatment and we may yet see her return to the showing which she really loves.